Beginner Programming Resources

Java Basics

  • CodingBat
    • CodingBat has resources for both Java and Python, and is a good place to go to try out various programming exercises.
  • Codecademy
    • Codecademy has resources for quite a few different languages, and is good at teaching the core basics.

Full Courses

In case you're wanting to learn a lot more about programming, here are some full intro-level courses. And in case those don't seem quite right, you can search on either of those sites (Coursera or EdX) for a variety of other courses.


  • W3 Schools
    • For web-oriented topics such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL, this is a great resource to use.
    • This is a more advanced programming exercise site. It requires the use of basic algorithms and thus will be more useful as you advance in skill. I've solved quite a few of these, so contact me if help is needed.